Online Payment FAQ

About Your Shopping Cart

Why is a player that I registered not in my shopping cart?
The player may have been registered under a different email address, or the online registration list may not have been updated since you registered him. If you want to pay for a player who is not in your cart, you can either try again later after the list has been updated, or you can add her to your cart now using the Add to Your Cart form.
Why is a player that I already paid for in my shopping cart?
Your payment may not have been posted to the online registration list yet. Use the Remove From Cart button next to a player's name to remove her from your cart.
Can I pay for more than one event at the same time?
Yes. When you add a player to your cart, you select an event from the drop-down list in the Add To Your Cart form. If more than one event is open for payment, you can add a player to your cart two or more times, once for each event.
If I add a player to my shopping cart, does that register her for the tournament?
No. Before paying for a player, you need to register her using the online registration form for the event.
If I remove a player from my cart, does that withdraw him from the tournament?
No. Removing a player from your cart just means that you don't want to pay for that player now. If you want to withdraw the player's registration, please email us and let us know.
I removed a player from my cart by mistake. How do I put her back in the cart?
You can use the back button on your browser, or use the Add to Your Cart form to put the player back in your cart.
I changed my mind and don't want to pay online right now. Can I save my shopping cart?
If you start over at a later time, any players you have registered, but have not paid for, will be placed in your cart.

About Your Payment

Do I need to open a PayPal account?
No. You can pay by credit card or bank card without having a PayPal account.
What forms of payment can I use?
PayPal accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and bank debit cards, as well as transfers from PayPal accounts.
Will I get a receipt for my payment?
PayPal will email you a receipt with the details of your payment.
Does it cost more to pay online?
No. Your final cost is the total of the entry fees in your shopping cart.
Why aren't my players marked paid on the registration list?
We update the list after we receive notification from PayPal that a payment is complete. Occasionally there is some delay while PayPal verifies a payment. Also, the registration list is not updated automatically – please allow time for us to update the list.
What if I have already paid for a player, but he will not be able to attend the tournament?
Email us to withdraw the player's registration. We will notify PayPal to refund your payment in full.
I need to withdraw a player that I already paid for. Can I use her payment for a new player?
Yes, as long as online registration for the event is still open. Register the new player, then email us to explain the situation. We will transfer the payment.

Other Questions

Please email us if you have additional questions or need help.