Virginia Scholastic Chess Association

It's Your Move: Interesting and Instructional Tournament Games

Players are encouraged to submit scoresheets (notation) of any tournament game which they would like to have analyzed to VSCA Secretary Mike Callaham. Mr. Callaham has a USCF rating of 1800–1900, and will be happy to look over your scoresheet and email you his written analysis of the game. Any games which Mr. Callaham feels would be interesting and instructional for other players will be published here on the website. The most recent post is Checkmate Challenge!

How to Submit Your Game

Email a copy of your scoresheet in Adobe pdf format to Mr. Callaham at If you are unable to send a pdf document, please email Mr. Callaham in advance to find out if another format is acceptable. Also send a printed copy of your scoresheet to Mr. Mike Callaham, 8712 Cherokee Road, Richmond, VA 23235. Please include your name, mailing address, phone number and email address. Scoresheets need to be complete, accurate and readable. Mr. Callaham's analysis of your game may be published on the website.

Links to Analyzed Games