Virginia Scholastic Chess Association Newsletter

October 1, 2010

This newsletter is sent to families who participate in Virginia Scholastic Chess Association tournaments. The VSCA is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to promoting scholastic chess in central and southeastern Virginia. Please email to subscribe, unsubscribe or change your address.

Louisa County Scholastic Tournament (Grades K-12)

Registration is now open for the Louisa County Scholastic Tournament, to be held Saturday, October 16, 2010 at Louisa County Middle School in Mineral, Virginia. This event is organized and sponsored by the Spotyslvania Chess Club, and includes K-12, K-8, K-5 and K-3 sections. Please visit the Spotyslvania Chess Club website at for complete tournament information and to register online.

Other Upcoming Events

The Grafton Fall Chess Fest will be held on Saturday, November 13, 2010 at Grafton Middle School in York County. There will be two separate events: a VSCA-sponsored scholastic tournament with K-3, K-5, K-8 and K-12 sections, plus an Open Quads event for adults and advanced scholastic players, sponsored by the Virginia Chess Federation. Online registration for the scholastic sections will be available on the VSCA website beginning in late October.

A scholastic chess calendar of Virginia and national events for the 2010-2011 school year is available at Many events have been tentatively scheduled, but not confirmed, and are listed in gray on the calendar. We are currently working with the host schools to confirm these dates, and we will be updating the calendar accordingly.

Moody Scholastic Tournament Results

68 scholastic players participated in the 11th annual Moody Scholastic tournament, held at Moody Middle School in Henrico County, Virginia on September 25, 2010.

In the K-3 section, Miles Anderson won the first-place trophy with a score of 4.5 points in 5 rounds. Collegiate School won the first-place K-3 team trophy. The K-5 section featured a three-way tie for first place. Jensen Morales won the first-place trophy by tiebreaks over Zoey Lamb and Nicholas Xie, a third grader playing up. Jensen, Zoey and Nicholas each finished with 4.0 points in 5 rounds. Colonial Trail Elementary School won the K-5 first-place team trophy. The K-8 and K-12 sections were combined, with separate awards. Ananya Suram, a fifth grader playing up, won the K-8 first-place trophy by tiebreaks over Ben Schenk. Ananya and Ben each finished with 4.0 points in 5 rounds. The host team from Moody Middle School won the first-place team trophy in K-8. In the K-12 section, Jonathan Yu, a fifth grader playing up, won the first-place trophy with a score of 5.0 points, the only perfect score of the day. Fork Union Military Academy won the first-place team trophy in K-12.

Congratulations to all of these players, and to all of our tournament participants. Complete tournament results are available at

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